Friday, 7 November 2008

Creative Writer

Week Three :
Each group got a creative writer , and what they do is to help us write the play. us creative writer name Luku. we have explain us ideas and myth to luku, and he seen happy to take a part the write and be interested! we had decide to use my myth to be us group myth. because my myth been choostion , i feel i need to take full respond to explain well to my gruop.

Week Four :
Time i running out , i had decide to ask the group to draw each charator in the myth. reason is to choose and see the style from each person, we also had arrenge group meeting on friday 10.00am.
works for friday:
  • 8 charator images
  • Artist style
  • Ideas for the performent design
Warren- done some few setch
Mya- have done some great drawing and reasearch base on the chinese drawing background
Shadia- show some images of the charator found online, and some ideas for the chinese backgroup
Other- no work or not even turn up

even not many people turn up or done the works , but we able to meet up and talk about ideas .