Friday, 7 November 2008

Myths :

chinese moon myth , base on the chinese evil king try to find a medicine to make him live for ever. the queen try to stop the king having the medicine by having it herself... after she taking it , she falt so light , just like a wind flying into the moon...

kimono(vintageshop), ghost pinches her , mark on her body ...

dreaming, falling , if you dont wake up you die ...

go to get my tooth pulled out, stugging to handle the pain, granny tells me a story about when she was younger , the story helped me to handle the pain better

story of zerus and his brother having different position as gods

lcdrus, make wing and fly to close to the sun
-daredalvs, eagle eat his liver and it regrows every night ...

Chinese Moon Cake

1. the lover(hero)

2. queen of god and the ten children

3. once ten of the sun came to earth .which make many living thing die

4. hero need to save the earth , and he fight against the ten sun on his own

5. god so angry!because 9 of his children die , and only one left

6. god have make the hero and his wife send down to earth and be like normal human

7. hero dont want his wife to living the hard life , so he went back to the heaven ,steal the medicine which make her wife living for ever

8. after she taking the medicine , she slowing fly into the sky ,toward the moon. than hero have never see his wife again

there is only me and Mya bring in us own myth , so we only can use what we got to talk ab0ut the group works.
we though about join the two myths together ,because they are quite alike . one is talking about chinese background and other is base on japan ,this is the key point which link up :

i have ask my group member to do they own myths image and post it up online so we all can see it. i created a facebook group
( )
name it "personal myth project 2 " .