Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Piddock & Puttock

Us starting point is basic on a Vauxhall adverts “C mon”
the whole ideas is to try to an track, the company try to used new and young designer artist

Chris have use Photoshop, simply create a website layout. And help to create us character.

Design characters sheet:
After a group descried, we have highlights the choices

I have scanned the image in and re work it on illustrator; I have selected the colour basic on the site. Try to keep it simple and fun.

Advert / Site Design :

Character design for animation


I had change the hair colour, so it work better with the site layout.

Site :

Abdel have took over the site from Christian to redesign it.
Personally i prefer the old version, but there is some problem of the font in both of it; also the position of the character. I have ask Abdel to change around the text and colour of the background.

Position the Character

"The Final Site Layout "


" GeZ "

I ask Jazzy to Email those artist that we select to use on us site for copyright etc... ( As you can see on top for example )

Jazzy have also done a short flash movie play, but i don't know how to upload it online ( i will try to find out, if any one know please leave a comment ! Thanks )