Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The Worlds A stage

Group’s members:

* Choon hui ( me)
* Jazzy Zakaiya Akhtar
* Abdel
* Christian Escobar

We have come up with the ideas for promoting coming up Young Artists

Aim of the project is to create a site, poster and an advert for " Piddock & Puttock " suitable for us content.

Briefly outline us company selling point:

Hi! Welcome to the piddock + puttock website.

We are a promotional company that specialises in exhibiting young and up coming talent.

Through us, you (the artist) will be able to show the world, the work you have produced.

How is that possible you may ask?

Piddock and Puttock have maintained a strong connection through out the whole of Europe. Artists and galleries have contacted us in past to build a series of events across the following countries, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden. Our job is to locate galleries for artist to exhibit their work within these countries.

Piddock and puttock have already gained the rights to exhibit work at some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, allowing the work of a certain artist to be admired by all types of art critics. Our aim is to set up an opportunity where artist are sure of gaining credibility and a good reputation through out the creative industry.

Sound good?

Ok lets continue

Piddock and puttock not only offer a space where artist are able to express them, we also contribute to how the work of the artist is promoted. With us you'll be sure to find a variety of people visiting your exhibition.


We will produce a series of poster design and leaflets to publicize your exhibition within the countries listed, these posters will pasted across billboards, magazines and other advertising methods. So rest assure when we promise a large succession of audience.

Please navigate through the website to find previous exhibitions, and contact by following the instructions in the contact tab.

Thank you for visiting and lets have a successful event.

Good luck

Piddock & paddock.

We lease out gallery spaces for students and up and coming artists and designers.
By navigating through our website you will see the sections for booking, images of previous clients exhibitions and links to some designers websites.